IPL is foremost in cricket’s rapid evolution: Viv Richards

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NEW DELHI: Sir Viv Richards, who had he played Twenty20 cricket would have taken to it like a fish to water, believes that leagues such as the IPL have led the way in shaping cricket’s fast-moving landscape.

Writing in today’s Times of India, the swashbuckling West Indian legend gave credit to the lucrative Twenty20 league as being an agent of change in cricket’s facelift.

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“Cricket is quickly evolving, and the IPL is one of the foremost agents responsible for doing so for the last 10 years. Young cricketers and old alike are innovating and reshaping their game, inventing new shots, and coming up with new mystery deliveries,” wrote Richards.

“The face of the game is beginning to change, and cricketers today are looking to keep adapting to stay with it. It pleases me to see that the overall level of cricket as a game is increasing due to these kinds of tournaments that put the young and old, the amateur and the experienced together. IPL has always put a lot of emphasis on developing youngsters. These fresh faces will gain experience.”


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